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I am passionate about seeing various topics as systems, as engineering exercises, to simplify and optimize them to maximize their potential and exceed what is expected of them. Simplicity, modularity, and minimization of duplication are important to me. I often think, not only how I may solve this particular problem, but how a solution could be implemented such that this won't be a problem for anyone.

Curriculum Vitae [HTML] [PDF]


x86/ARM hybrid SBC cluster laptop (aka "lab in a box")
Sept 2017 – Dec 2017

After pondering the standard nature of piling numerous systems and services on the same computing system, I experimented with the approach of networking several single-board computers together and distributing the load between them. Each SBC had its own purpose and adequate hardware resources for the task of which it was responsible. It behaved as an isolated system with stable networking, and would automatically connect to a configurable wireless network, treating that network as public but leveraging it as an internet connection.

System Architecture

CAVALIER: An Avionics Interface With The ISS
Nov 2016 – Mar 2017

Provided avionics engineering assistance to an external partner during a short-duration tour, during which, built an interface between the NanoRacks External Platform and a CubeSat payload. Responsibilities included: population and testing of the primary power distribution board; development of the CAVALIER interface code to be launched on a BeagleBone Black; participation in design meetings at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory; coordination with the contractor in Dallas, Texas, and at NanoRacks, in Houston, Texas, to verify successful communication; mentoring two external company interns who designed power distribution board revisions and developed supplemental interface code; providing end-to-end (E2E) testing of the flight interface and payload, from command and control (C2) to RF detection analysis; documenting interface parameters in a Command and Telemetry Dictionary.

CAVALIER was launched 11 November 2017 as part of Antares OA-8/CRS-8. It was later installed, powered on, and had fully-functional power and communication interoperability with the ISS and payload on 10 January 2018!

Autonomous Fire Suppression System
Jan 2011 – Jan 2011

Developed a standalone structure to autonomously detect presence of a fire within a realistic environment. Leveraged a combination of thermal analysis techniques and electromechanical systems to seek, detect, and extinguish the detected fire using appropriate suppression agents.