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My name is John Staudt, but I go by JC. I don't intend to give you my entire life history, but here is a little about me:

Part 1: San Antonio, Texas

I spent my early years living in San Antonio, Texas, where I learned how to be a kid, helped out on the family ranch in Bulverde, attended school, and tried to figure out what sort of person I wanted to be. I took various jobs from landscaping to working at a barbeque restaurant and a grocery store.

I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where I attained an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering while simultaneously working two part-time jobs and supporting my family with most of my earnings. The money that wasn't absorbed in tuition was spent on several of my passions including building gaming PCs, video games, and tinkering with and modifying cars.

I was offered two internships at the U.S. Department of Defense prior to graduation, which I accepted, poured my talent into them, and learned a myriad of valuable lessons which help me out even to this day. Once the internships concluded, I decided to move to Maryland to take my career further and explore my technical talents.

Part 2: Maryland

Once in Maryland, I began full-time employment, responsible for creating geospatial analysis tools, deep-packet inspection capabilities, then electronic warfare tools where I was also project lead for an amazing team. I ultimately worked another 5 years with this employer, then decided with my girlfriend to move across the country to the Pacific Northwest to investigate other job opportunities and begin a new chapter in our lives!

Part 3: Portland, Oregon

I moved across the country to Portland, Oregon, started a customer-centric tech company, immersed myself with open-source technological trends and products, and built/tinkered with various projects ranging from microcontrollers and SBCs to complex rackmount server configurations in my spare time. I began contributing in both technical and non-technical ways with several open-source hardware/ software companies, mostly striving to deliver the “most open” computing platform possible while making it easy and desirable to adopt.

I have worked on a variety of projects involving both hardware and software (on Earth and in space, from Arduinos to data centers), I'm also mechanically-inclined (usually involving cars), and clearly have an immense passion for open-source *everything*. I don't have the best public-facing technical profile given that my past professional experience has been classified, but you should know that I am fantastic at getting things done the right way and asking thoughtful questions to the right people when I can't do it myself.